Do it for you. Do it for them.

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In theory, relationships make us better people and provide various benefits, but not without cost. They take a lot of work, and not all are equal. Some are downright terrible. You might think it’s easy to identify horrible relationships, but it’s not as easy as you might think. …

Exploring Trauma

Two wrought wrings intertwine while their shadows play out on a textured foreground. A red light illuminates the scene, hinting at something ominous.
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Redefining Trauma Bonds:

The NDVH has a great article, Identifying & Overcoming Trauma Bonds — The Hotline, but, like many similar articles, it limits Trauma Bonds to interpersonal relationships.

However, my theory requires we consider any phenomena that provides support, protection, and care as potential sources for Trauma Bonds.

An eight-year-old can have…

Various colored cans are painted and aligned to read “I feel like makin’ dreams come true” against a concrete backdrop.
Photo by Peter Fogden on Unsplash

Life Lessons

I am the quintessential starving artist, but I can’t change that by denying who I really am. I am a creative individual, and I wasn’t designed to live a traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle. Thirty-eight years of experience tell me this.

From a young age, I always wanted to create. As a…

Nathan North

(Photography, Writing, Life + Otherness), Founder of

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